Why Do You Give?

Anticipating this month’s Direct Mail campaign, we asked Lincoln Hills residents why they donate to the Lincoln Hills Foundation (LHF).  They said they give because:


  • Their donations matter to someone they know and care about.
  • It’s important to give to those in need, and they trust the Foundation to use their donated money to make a difference.
  • They like to “give where they live” so they can see how their money is being spent.
  • They recognize that in the future, they may need the programs and services the Foundation supports.
  • 100% of all donations are applied to programs and services and there is no paid staff expense.
  • Overall, people give because it feels good and you will too.


The LHF is able to serve Lincoln Seniors as a result of the caring and generosity of Lincoln Hills residents.  Programs and services the Foundation provides includes grant money to assist support groups in the areas of Multiple Sclerosis, Breast Cancer, and Alzheimer’s/Dementia.  The LHF also provides funds for meals for seniors who are unable to shop for or prepare their own, CPR training of Lincoln residents, plus LARGE PRINT and audio books available at the Lincoln Library.


Three quarters of all charitable donations come from individuals, and more than 85 percent of charitable donations were given because someone asked them to.  We’re asking you.  Give where you live. Thank you.


Jeff Andersen, President

Lincoln Hills Foundation


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