Bring your friends and neighbors for Bingo at the Orchard Creek Lodge. Stop by Meridian’s to enjoy a Bingo Lunch Special before the games begin!

Bingo Dates 2024

  • Wednesday,  April 24
  • Wednesday,  May 22
  • Wednesday,  June 26
  • Thursday,  August 29
  • Wednesday, September 25
  • Thursday, October 24
  • Tuesday, November 26

Bingo Table Reservation


    • $100 per game for first 11 games
    • $250 for game number 12
    • Door Prizes

    Event Details

    • Doors open at 12:30 PM
    • Games start at 1:00 PM
    • Admission fee: $25
      Includes all game cards
    • No players under 18 years allowed
    • No alcoholic beverages allowed during games
    • Pop-Ups: $1 for 4 cards
    • Daubers: $2.00/ea

      Join the Bingo Team

      Sounds of laughter and chatter fill the air in the OC Ballroom as players find their way to a table. As 1:00 PM approaches people settle into their seats and the chatter continues, but when the Master of Ceremonies says DAUBERS UP, all is quiet. It is time to get down to the serious business of playing Bingo.

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