Lincoln Hills Foundation Hosts Meeting With Grantees and Community Partners

On September 8, 2017 the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Hills Foundation hosted its second annual Grantees and Community Partners Meeting at Kilaga Springs Lodge.   Founded with a mission to provide support and assistance to seniors in our Lincoln community, the Foundation has contributed to the well-being and safety of Lincoln seniors for over 15 years.

The mission of the Lincoln Hills Foundation cannot be fulfilled without the work of the organizations and groups we help to sustain with our grants and with the collaboration of our community partners.  While our partners are not recipients of our grants, their individual missions contribute to the safety net of services and support that makes Lincoln a thriving community for seniors.  This event was the Foundation’s celebration of their important contributions to our community and a way to identify and nurture collaboration for future projects.

The organizations, groups and clubs honored were:  Neighborhood Watch; The Salt Mine; St. Vincent De Paul; Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center; Bosom Buddies, Seniors First; Friends of the Lincoln Library; AARP Foundation Tax Aide Program; Lincoln Theatre Company; Multiple Sclerosis Support Group; Neighborhood Watch; Neighbors in Deed; Lincoln Hills Bereavement Group.

Sharing information over afternoon refreshments and then presenting more formally about their programs and services, our attendees provided important information about the ways they work and how their missions contribute to the health and welfare of our Lincoln senior residents.

The breadth and importance of the services highlighted was truly impressive.  Those contributions included:  food and essential adult products for seniors (The Salt Mine); home delivered meals for home bound seniors to ensure regular and proper nutrition Senior First); respite support for caregivers of dementia/Alzheimer’s family members (Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center); hearing assistance system for attendees (Lincoln Theatre Company); tax preparation assistance (AARP Foundation Tax Aide Program); large print books and audio books (Friends of the Lincoln Library); office supplies (Neighborhood Watch);  assistance to pay for unexpected and/or uncovered medical costs (Society of St. Vincent de Paul); support and education for breast cancer (Bosom Buddies), Multiple Sclerosis and Bereavement groups.  Finally, the Lincoln Hills Foundation highlighted and honored the work of our community partners; Rotary, Lincoln Host Lions, and Lincoln Hills Neighbors in Deed.  These clubs and organizations contribute financial and human resources to improve the lives of residents of our Lincoln community.

The Lincoln Hills Foundation closed this inspiring gathering with remarks from Lincoln City  Council Mayor, Peter Gilbert.  Mayor Gilbert stressed the importance of partnership and collaboration to create a thriving future for our Lincoln community including our senior residents.

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