Grant Request

The Lincoln Hills Foundation encourages organizations to apply for grants for services and programs that meet our mission.

Guidelines for Grants

  1. Grant requests must be consistent with the mission of the Lincoln Hills Foundation.
  2. Grants will be limited to organizations or groups that support senior citizens in the Lincoln Community, defined as the Western Placer Unified School District.
  3. Grants will be provided for services, programs, equipment, or supplies that support and enhance the health, welfare, and quality of life of senior citizens.
  4. Grants will not be provided for building construction or endowments.
  5. The annual Foundation budget will determine the amount of funds available for grants.
  6. Periodic reports on the progress and success of the project or program and the status of funds may be requested by the Foundation.
  7. The Lincoln Hills Foundation Grants Committee will review all requests for grants and will make recommendations to the Board for approval or disapproval.

Grant Funding Documents

Submit grant request form below:

    Additional Guidance for Grant Request Form (GRF)

    One Year Funding

    ELIGIBILITY: Organizations are eligible to apply for funding from the Lincoln Hills Foundation (LHF) if the project/program provides for the physical or social needs of senior residents (55+) of Western Placer County School District (WPCSD)

    Who can Apply

    • Nonprofit organizations that are tax-exempt under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.
    • Groups organized with a nonprofit purpose but without the necessity of obtaining tax exempt status, such as Community Association approved support groups in Sun City Lincoln Hills.
    • If the Applicant is a faith-based organization it must demonstrate that the project/program or activity is open to the public that it operates.
    • Government and educational institutions may apply.
    • Organizations only may apply.


    • LHF does not fund building construction.
      LHF may fund repair of buildings if the building or equipment is used solely to support seniors. A grant may also be provided if the amount requested is a portion of the total funds needed for the repairs and that amount is equal to or less than the portion of the total funding of the building or equipment used for the support of seniors.
    • Funding will not be made to individuals.
    • Funding will not be made to organizations that discriminate on the basis of religion, age, race, gender, national origin, ethnicity, veteran status, sexual orientation or disability.
    • Grants will not be made for religious activities, profit-making events, partisan political activities or personal assistance.

    Grant Process

    LHF will consider grants in accordance with the following schedule:

    • Submit Grant Request form by October 1, in the year prior to the need for funding.
    • The Committee will review the Grant Requests and may interview requestors during October and November.
    • The Committee will present recommendations to the LHF Board of Directors at the December meeting.
    • Applicants will be informed of the Lincoln Hills Foundation Board decision no later than December 31st.
    • Disbursements will be made on the agreed upon schedule.

    Grants under $ 2,000 may be submitted for consideration at any time.

    Emergency or new grants will be considered anytime.

    Grant requests are submitted to the Grants Committee Chair, P O Box 220. Lincoln, CA, 95648-0220, using the request form.

    Interim reports are to be received no later than July 31th.

    Final reports on the attached form are to be received no later than January 31st.

    Prompt submission of year end and interim reports will be a consideration in future grant requests.

    Grants are usually made for a year or less, exceptions may be considered.

    The Lincoln Hills Foundation reserves the right to fund less than the amount requested.

    All decisions by the Board are final.