A Visit to the Twelve Bridges Library

There are always places you want to go but never seem to get around to.  For me that was visiting the Twelve Bridges Library right here in Lincoln.  I had been there in pre-pandemic days for the “Meet the Author” evenings but it was after hours and way past time to be able to enter and look around.

My time to visit came as part of a tour offered by the Friends of the Lincoln Library (FOLL) to the Low-Vison group to show the variety of large print and audio books as well as the magnifying readers provided to the library through grants from the Lincoln Hills Foundation.   Over the years the Foundation has been a strong supporter of the library and its mission to enable seniors to take advantage of what the library offers.

I was amazed at the collection of large print books that the library has as well as the number of audio books available for those who like to listen to their literature.

During my first visit beyond the lobby, not only did I get the opportunity to see a beautiful library but I got the chance to use my library card for the first time.  I highly recommend a visit, you will enjoy it.


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