Your favorite family recipes published!

Your name will be included with your recipe!  In addition to your name, tell us something about it. Where did it come from (a treasured family recipe)? What made it a family favorite?  Was it a special occasion request? Tips or tricks when making it?  Suggestions for what to serve with it?  We will print your brief comments up to a few lines or 375 characters.

We will begin accepting submissions March 1st and will be collecting through the end of April so get out those recipes and share some of your family’s best with your friends and neighbors in Lincoln Hills.  Based on number of recipes received we may have to limit the number printed.

Submissions should be typed in a Word or Pages document or clearly written so we don’t make mistakes when typing it up.  Please send via email to or mail to Lincoln Hills Foundation – Recipes, PO Box 220, Lincoln, CA  95648.

The pandemic has driven everyone to eat at home more and there has been a resurgence of home cooking.  With that in mind we are looking for easy-to-make recipes, with ingredients that are not extravagantly priced and can usually be found in our local grocery stores (or a two-day delivery from Amazon for specialty items).  Recipes should not have too many ingredients and generally not take too long to prepare with the exception of slow cooker favorites.

We will be selling the book this summer and all proceeds from sales will be put back into this community to support programs and services for our residents.