The Lincoln Hills Foundation – 20 Years Strong

The Lincoln Hills Foundation – 20 Years Strong

In 2002, Del Webb Corporation provided $5000 in startup funds to establish the Lincoln Hills Foundation (LHF) to provide support for residents who experienced challenges as they aged in place. Thus began the collaboration between the SCLH Community Association and the Lincoln Hills Foundation that has continued for the past 20 years and will continue long into our future.

The purpose of the Foundation was to “receive donations and generate funds for the support of programs which meet the physical, educational and/or social needs of the senior residents of Sun City Lincoln Hills.”  In 2007, the LHF board expanded the support of seniors to include “the surrounding community of Lincoln.”  The LHF is a 501(c)3 public benefit nonprofit corporation, operated and managed 100% by volunteers.   As a charity organization, donors know that every dollar raised as a donation is used to support its programs through grants.

When looking at how to serve a Community $5K doesn’t go far so the first order of business was to work on raising funds. In its early days flyers in the Compass magazine introduced the Foundation to residents followed by a variety of events and activities held by the Foundation and organized by a creative and hard working group of Directors. Many residents will remember the “Western Round-up” and the “Hats Off” events recognizing outstanding community members, and the “Dine Around Lincoln” coupon books.

The first large scale and successful direct mail campaigns to all residents began in 2012, bringing word of the work done by the Foundation to every resident’s front door.    In 2016 The Big Day of Giving, affectionately referred to as BigDoG, a region wide one-day online fundraising campaign, was inaugurated, allowing the Foundation greater awareness and fund raising opportunities.  Through the work of the Board members and the generosity of our donors the Foundation has held the top position in dollar donations in the category of small non-profits since participating in BigDoG for the first time in 2017.

Our most popular activity over the years is the monthly Bingo in the Ballroom.  Initially held quarterly Bingo is now held 10 times per year, under normal circumstances.   We are grateful for the collaboration with the Community Association in providing the Foundation the Ballroom for Bingo at no cost.

In order to raise money to give back where needed, the Foundation began the Grant process by providing seed money to Neighbors in Deed for startup expenses as well as to Senior Café/Meals on Wheels.  As the Foundation’s donor base has grown, the breadth of support through the Grants given has expanded.  Since its founding 20 years ago the Foundation has provided  $750,000  in Grants to organizations that provide respite support for caregivers, large print books for the library, subsidized meals for those experiencing food insecurity, food pantry boxes and personal items through The Salt Mine, tracking wristbands to help locate individuals who wander away and automatic defibrillators for our community and the Police department, subsidized rides through Dial-a-Ride as well as social and emotional support through community groups.

What’s Next? – The first 20 years have been very successful for the Foundation and we will build on that success moving forward.  The needs of our community continue to grow with the natural aging of the population. The Foundation will continue to collaborate with the Community Association as we launch new programs in 2024 to respond to the challenges of our residents.

Thank you to all of the donors who support the Lincoln Hills Foundation.   It is your generosity that makes our work possible. I would also like to thank all the past LHF Board members who laid the groundwork for this wonderful organization.  This 20th Anniversary year of the Foundation will be led by these volunteers who make it all happen:

Frima Stewart, Vice President; Joan Logue, Secretary; Kent Noard, Treasurer; Carol Dickey, Assistant Treasurer; Directors – Peter Gilbert, Catherine High, Jerry Johnson, Klara Kleman, Bruce Pohle, Jim Skinner, Joe Uptain-Villa, Denny Valentine, and Marsha Watkins and our Advisory Board members – Connie Burdick, Jim DeDeo, Carolyn Kuczynski, Dan Larsen and Marcia Van Wagner.

The Lincoln Hills Foundation is always looking for volunteers interested in making a difference and welcomes individuals who would like to join the Board.  If joining the Board is too big a commitment bring your ideas and suggestions to our Board meetings (see website for details – or join one of our committees, new ideas are welcome.

Many Thanks to all who have made the Foundation a success through their work and their donations.

Denise Bowden, President