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Foundation Continues Support for Del Oro

Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center, has many answers to the needs of caregivers. Their mission: "We are here to improve the well-being of family caregivers and provide support throughout the care-giving process."

In support of the Del Oro mission, since 2009, the Lincoln Hills Foundation has made grants of $50,000 to Del Oro by funding Respite Care for caregivers via family grants administered by Del Oro. These grants provide the caregiver with relief and rest from care-giving.  A respite care grant can be used for someone coming into your home to care for your loved one; or taking your loved one to a facility for day care, and even a weekend away may  be a possibility.

 One beneficiary of a respite grant wrote: “Respite is like a breath of fresh air. It allows those of us who are caregivers to be able to stop for a second and see what we may need.”  

Del Oro

Participants enjoy Bingo during the Adult Day Program

Life Saved on Lincoln Hills Softball Field

Below is a link to a recent Channel 10 ABC news report about Sun City Lincoln Hills softball where a player collapsed and was revived by CPR and the use of an AED before the paramedics even arrived. The Lincoln Hills Foundation offers CPR/AED/First Aid classes four times a year at a reduced price of $10 or $20 depending on certification. The LH Foundation also has paid for AED’s throughout Lincoln Hills and also in every Lincoln Police car, so that they're available at all times. For more information call Joan at 916-434-0749.

<Channel 10 - ABC News Report>

CPR - AED - First Aid Training

The Lincoln Hills Foundation again offers training in CPR, AED’s and First Aid for residents at a very low cost, $10 or $20 depending on certification. The remaining 2017 date is September 7. The instructor includes CPR for infants and children also. This fun ½-day class is held at Orchard Creek Lodge.  Call 916-434-0749 or check the link below for more information. We have trained 320 residents in the past three years. Sign up now. It’s a lifesaving skill !

Click here for more information & sign up form ===> cpr1

Bingo: <CLICK>