Foundation Supports Lincoln 12 Bridges Library

The collection of large print and audio books now includes fiction and a wide range of non-fiction works such as: cook books, estate planning, travel and much more.

The Lincoln Hills Foundation has provided  grants to the Friends of the Lincoln Library (FOLL) of $20,000 since 2014.  This has permitted the Library to purchase about 600  large print and audio books so that low vision or sight impaired residents can "keep on reading".  A grant was also provided to purchase two wheelchairs.

Fran Neves from the Lincoln Library gave an impromptu word of thanks to the Foundation at Bingo on March 30th. for its ongoing support.
Sharon Gorley shows one of two wheelchairs which were funded by the Foundation to be used by patrons as they move about the library.



Salt Mine Receives Grant

Bob Free (center), Foundation Treasurer, hands Father Eric Long (left) of The Salt Mine a grant check of $5000 while Blake Long (right) looks on. The Lincoln Hills Foundation has distributed $15,000 in grants to the Salt Mine to serve those seniors in need in the Lincoln area.

Multiple Sclerosis Group

Receives Grant

The LHF has been pleased to support the MS Group since 2009.   This has enabled its members to carry out their mission to "assist Members to be Healthy and Independent in Mind, Body and Spirit by sharing information, extending friendship and camaraderie".

Marilyn Sharp, Gene Goslin, Frima Stewart (LHF Grants Chairperson) and Jeri Di Fiore at the presentation of the LHF grant to the MS Group.

The Grants program provides fund to organizations or groups that support projects or programs benefiting the senior citizens in the Lincoln Community in accordance with the mission of the Lincoln Hills Foundation.

Since 2003, the Lincoln Hills Foundation has distributed over $300,000 in grants to support the work of agencies and groups dedicated to assisting seniors live independently in our community.

Seniors First
     Meals on Wheels
     Senior Café
     Dial A Ride
$ 99,221
Del Oro Caregivers Resource Center
$ 47,500
Neighbors In Deed
$ 33,029
Vine Life Ministries (Salt Mine)
$ 30,575
Friends of the Lincoln Library for wheelchairs & large print books
$ 18,000
Lincoln Police Department for defibrillators
$ 16,629
Bossom Buddies
$ 12,000
St. Vincent de Paul Society
$ 10,000
Alzheimer's Caregivers Support Group
$ 8,900
Super Seniors
$ 7,286
Neighborhood Watch
$ 5,704
Sun City Lincoln Hills Community Association (AED)
$ 2,448
Multiple Sclerosis
$ 2,460
AARP Tax Service for Lincoln
$ 2,300
Bereavement Group
$ 2,000
Parkinson's Disease Support & Education Group
$ 1,151
Lincoln Hills Family Mental Health
$ 1,000
Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Group
$ 1000
Lincoln Community Gardens
$ 1000
Lincoln Senior Nutrition
$ 500
Cancer Support Group
$ 345

The Lincoln Hills Foundation encourages organizations to apply for grants for services and programs that meet our mission.

Guidelines for Grants:

  • Grant requests must be consistent with the mission of the Lincoln Hills Foundation.
  • Grants will be limited to organizations or groups that support senior citizens in the Lincoln Community, defined as the Western Placer Unified School District.
  • Grants will be provided for services, programs, equipment, or supplies that support and enhance the health, welfare, and quality of life of senior citizens.
  • Grants will not be provided for building construction or endowments.
  • The annual Foundation budget will determine the amount of funds available for grants.
  • Periodic reports on the progress and success of the project or program and the status of funds may be requested by the Foundation.
  • The Lincoln Hills Foundation Grants Committee will review all requests for grants and will make recommendations to the Board for approval or disapproval.

Click below for here for the Grant Funding documents (pdf,docx formats):

PDF format
DOCX format
Grant Request Forms
fund_form fund_form
Grant Summary Report
fund_form fund_form
Additional Grant Guidelines

Submit Grant Requests to grantchair@lincolnhillsfoundation.org